The Your A Winner Retrospective

Sometime in the next week or two, Andrew and I will set most YaW posts to private to leave up only our favorites. Then, we’ll be able to show our friends and you’ll be able to show you’re friends a nice selection of the blog without having to scroll through the filler.

Now’s the time to save any posts you like. To our few fans, thanks for you’re support. To our myriad enemies, peace be with you and you’res.


Anonymous said: *You're?


YOU’RE. Thank you. That is all.

Submitted by someone. I don’t remember their name.

Fuck you guys.

This website is stupid and you don’t know how to spell “you’re.”

Submitted by BellwireUSA

Group Costume Idea 1: Sugar Ray


Say, that’s Tyler’s band’s blog! We better follow it*.


Sorry if it seems like Your a Winner is just a vehicle with which to shamelessly promote side projects. That actually might not be the case.

*Please do not feel obligated to follow it.

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This does not mean we’re back. 

This does not mean we’re back.¬†